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Code of Conduct

  1. Members shall be prepared to conform to majority decisions under the guidance of the Leader whose authority must be accepted at all times. Should it be necessary, a Leader shall be empowered to recommend to the Committee of this group that a Member, or Members, be banned from future trips, or be asked to resign from the Group for refusal to comply with reasonable control.
  2. There shall be no destruction of trees, shrubs, or wild life.
  3. All public and private property shall be respected and no wilful trespass shall be permitted.
  4. Permission shall be obtained before entering private property
  5. Every effort shall be made not to disturb stock
  6. Local water supplies must be respected
  7. Express thanks for any help obtained from non-members
  8. No fire-arms shall be used on any group outings without the express permission of the Leader. As a general rule, the carrying of fire-arms is not welcomed.
  9. What can be carried in, can be carried out. (ie Rubbish)
  10. All hygiene decisions shall be made by the Leader. At roadside stops, the rule to be followed is - ladies to the left, gents to the right. In all cases, faeces shall be buried.
  11. All gates are to be left as found by the Leaders and if necessary to be closed by the last in the convoy.
  12. Every care shall be exercised in the lighting and control of fires, and all fires shall be properly extinguished on leaving the area. No fire is to be lit in prohibited areas or during prohibited periods.
  13. No Member shall leave a convoy without letting the Leader know, and to state if the absence is to be permanent or not. Advise Leader of intentions of movement.
  14. All Members shall comply with the requirements of the traffic act and regulations, and observe road courtesy.
  15. The leader, or someone deputised by him, shall keep a log of all happenings on the trip.
  16. Where livestock is present, all dogs to be kept on a leash.
  17. At all turn-offs, vehicles shall wait until the following vehicle is aware of the former’s intention. Periodical checks for the following vehicles must be made.
  18. It shall be ascertained that no Member of a convoy is left in trouble without help.
  19. When travelling in a convoy, vehicle position must be maintained with ample room between vehicles to enable other road users to leapfrog throughout the convoy. Should a vehicle lose its position, it shall not regain it until the convoy has halted.
  20. No member shall have the right to invoke his membership whilst on private trips.
  21. It shall be the responsibility of all Members to ensure their vehicles are in sound mechanical condition, and that adequate supplies of fuel, food and water are carried.
  22. It shall be the duty of every Member to assist in keeping this code.

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